About Allison Brown

Learning Outside the Box is run by Allison Brown. She has more than 10 years of experience in education and tutoring. She has worked with students ranging from kindergarten through the collegiate and graduate levels, and with all types of learners and abilities. She specializes in working with students who haven’t been served well by traditional educational systems: those who need assistance or extension the schools can’t or won’t provide.

Education & Qualifications

  • BA in Computer Science from Calvin College (2009)
  • MS in Computer Science from University of Colorado (2011)
  • Friends’ School Teaching Fellowship Graduate (2016)
  • Colorado Licensed Teacher
  • Responsive Classroom Level 1 Certified
  • CPR/AED & First Aid Certified
  • Arts-Integration Training through the Kennedy Center for the Arts

Teaching Philosophy

At the heart of my teaching is love: I want students to love learning, and to discover what brings them joy. I strongly believe that all learners can be successful, and that they only need to discover what works for them to find a path to that success. My teaching is student-centered, and takes a whole child (or person) and inquiry-based approach. Working with small groups or individuals allows me to focus on each learner’s strengths, needs, and interests and to create an instructional plan that best serves each student. I build relationships and connection with students in order to understand them as people, and thus better serve them as learners.


  • Student-centered: focusing on the student, not the material, and what the student needs to be successful.
  • Whole-child/whole-person: a movement that seeks to transition from traditional, narrow views of academic success to focus on practice, policies, and relationships that help students become “engaged, supported, and challenged” (more)
  • Inquiry-Based Learning: seeking to trigger a student’s curiosity to promote engagement, interest, understanding, and retention of information (more)